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Content is King in 2021

Every year, we see content marketing change in the way it helps to develop brands and brand identification. As the migration towards social media continues at a rapid pace, content marketers are challenged to look for new ways to meet demand. Here’s a few content marketing trends we can expect to see in 2020.

  1. Relegating Traditional Marketing – Traditional channels of marketing have quickly become cost-prohibitive in a marketing environment where companies want to focus on less expensive and more efficient ways to reach customers. In 2020, we will see online content marketing through social media continue to replace traditional marketing programs as a primary focus. Most prominently, this trend will affect small businesses.
  2. Carefully Developing Content – Internet and social media users are becoming more finicky about the way they react to marketing content. In 2020, content marketing companies will need to develop more effective strategies in order to better engage audiences, who want more interaction. The days of throwing together content without forethought are vanishing.
  3. Developing Customer Loyalty – Word-of-mouth advertising has been and always will be the most inexpensive way to reach potential customers. We can expect to see more content that seeks to engage customers and build lasting relationships. This can best be achieved by showing customers how they can truly benefit from a provider’s products and/or services.
  4. Driving More Distribution Channels – In recent years, most content has been developed for a social media environment. What’s been left it its wake are marketing channels like emails and other forms of media advertising. 2020 should see a trend towards pushing more complimentary content through these more other marketing channels.

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